Sunday, September 27, 2009


things are moving much faster on our farm project that i had originally thought. our house is being prepared to be put up for sale, since it's necessary for us to sell in order to buy a new place and that means it's getting a "pudsning" which i guess is some form of stucco on the bricks, but not the swirly cake frosting kind.

other things that are happening are that our thinking is evolving. we're not sure it will be that easy to find others to share a place with and we're feeling a bit daunted by the thought of that. how to set it up so it's fair and equitable, but still dissolvable if the other party doesn't work out. there is a lot of thinking and investigation to be done. and how do you vet the people you would share your life with?

we don't have answers for these things, but yet we move ever forward. it's both exciting and a little bit scary.