Monday, November 2, 2009

hurry up and wait

the house has been for sale for two weeks and four couples have looked at it so far. rumors abound on our street about why we're selling. whispers of divorce (do people lack imagination or what?) and of a turkish family with eight children having been among those who are interested (oops, guess their imaginations are pretty good) abound. and seriously, would that be so bad? the street could do with a bit of livening up.

i'm doing my best not to be offended when the realtor reports what people thought. the last ones complained that the house wasn't white enough. did they even look at the pictures? or realize you can buy paint and paint walls whatever color you like?

but seriously, i'm in no hurry. we get to live here and enjoy the house in the meantime, so it's ok if it takes awhile.

but at the same time, it feels a bit as if we're in a holding pattern, waiting for what's next. and while i sometimes like that liminal feeling, this time, it's left me sleepless and pondering in the middle of the night. maybe because it feels like a whole new life and a whole new lifestyle we will embark upon. and while i look forward to that, i'm also apprehensive and wondering how to keep my eyes trained on the goal. will i be able to do it? can we change our consumption habits (so far it hasn't proven that possible)? can we be more conscious of the way we live? and can we get started already now, before we move?